13... The most beautiful men.

I decided to do this ultimate list of the most beautiful men in the whole spinning Earth.
It was really hard to me, I also had to ask for the help of a friend of mine, 'cause world
is full of beautiful people so I had to choose the most extraordinary, beautiful, sexy, gifted
and breathtaking men...
Without being arrogant I can say that I'm graduated from the school of excellent and refined taste...

I first made a list of 100 beautiful men, and I reduced it, I don't want to include an obvious
and really used image of beautiful man of Ryan Reynolds, I suffered a lot because I had to remove
from the list Colin Farrell, he represented in the past what I thought a man should be, but not anymore
even a rebel attitude can be cliche and boring; I also removed Tyson Beckford from the list
not because he's not beautiful, I mean, he's gorgeous but these days are not his days anymore...
I will shut up my mouth and fingers now... I'll just say I'm not looking for pupular handsomeness 'cause
I found pure and unique beauty.

So prepare your senses to take a journey of manly beauty and fierce eyes; this list was made and analyzed
very carefully, I checked many things, these men have all the light of the sun in their soul,
these men will surely conquer your senses, these men are not just beautiful men, 
I chose men who are at a much higher level than any other who thinks he's handsome arrogantly.

Horses, wolves, dragons, eagles, lions, snakes... These 13 beautiful men have the power of nature
embedded in their skin, the evolution of beauty through the most wonderful creation of God: The Man.

I introduce you the most beautiful men in the entire universe, arranged in alphabetical order...
I won't say who is the most beautiful... I can't pick just one... Why settle for just one?
When we can have thirteen Apostles of beauty and masculinity.

Let's start with the American fashion model and actor Aaron O'Connell: If a picture is worth a thousand words
then thanks to this photo Aaron O'Connell is the bible of beauty.


Aaron O'Connell
Next is David Gandy, the English model who reinvented the design of Michelangelo's David.

David Gandy

Now I'm bringing Diego Lodi, the Brazilian model with ocean-colored eyes, panther, savage.

Diego Lodi
Now we have Doug Porter, the American perfectly chiseled sculpture of intriguing beauty.

Doug Porter
 Next is the French actor and model Gilles Marini... Fantasme érotique, incarnée dans un homme qui vole votre souffle 

Gilles Marini

Here is Jamie Dornan, Irish actor and model, Irish definition for: "Fuck!!! That man is so hot!"

Jamie Dornan

... In the forest I can hear the hawl of beauty... Joe Manganiello is calling; Joe invites my senses to experiment
the impossible. The American most beautiful wolf.

Joe Manganiello

LASKHMI's most beautiful creation (Indian Goddess of Beauty)... John Abraham, Indian actor and model, he will take your heart away.

John Abraham

If samba were a man it will surely be Lucas Gil, not another Brazilian hot and gorgeous man, Lucas embodies perfection inch by inch.
A beleza é um crime?... Lucas Gil é, então, um criminoso.

Lucas Gil

Olé!!! I can't survive the eyes of Miguel Angel Silvestre, Spanish quake... El hombre más bello de la madre patria.

Miguel Angel Silvestre

And now the one and only: Noah Mills... Smoking volcano of beauty and sex, the killer gaze, the sexiest smile, the body, the face;
Noah Mills breaks my words.

Noah Mills

He's officially the most beautiful model in the world... He's officially the most enigmatic beauty, mesmerizing eyes, 
Medusa man, Sean O'Pry will turn you into stone... I'm already surredered and frozen.

Sean O'Pry

Last but not least I'm bringing to you a beauteous man, Steven Strait, actor, singer, model and a hot piece of Heaven; If men look like Steven 10 000 years before Christ, God, please take me to that age.

Steven Strait

Here they are, the 13 most beautiful men in the world, the 13 most outstanding faces, 13 talented men...
We don't need another Marlon Brando or another James Dean... We don't need to go back to find real beauty, immaculate beauty, just see the photos again... I know you'll agree with me. 13 is the number for perfection.
We took a trip around the world thanks to these gods.

You have a suggestion for a beautiful man that wasn't included on this list? Just tell me who and we'll see...

I'm making soon this list in a female version; if making this list was a headache, I can't imagine what it will be making the list of the 13 most beautiful women in the world... If you want to help, I'll be glad and thankful for that.

Beauty makes us a little divine, these thirteen men bring us a bit closer to heaven.

Update: July 31 2011... 13: The Most Beautiful Men Pt 2 is coming soon. Don't forget to send me the names of the men you considered are the most gorgeous and beautiful. I also added an extra photo of each beautiful man in this post.

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