You know her... She has been the star of many movies, wonderful ones, growing up in front of our eyes.
she's got the look, she is beautiful; her smile is a ray of light, captured carefully in her lips,
her blond and long hair seems to fade in the sun, 'cause she's a sun's walking fragment, she glows,
she moves and the stars follow her, the wind dances around her, my heartbeat speeds up
when her face fills my pupils, no one is sweeter than her, and nobody seems to be the already fulfilled promise
of Hollywood young superstars, but Amanda, Amanda Seyfried emerged as a beautiful swan and became the icon she is and forever will be.
With talent, passion and love for her profession, Amanda has captivated the senses of all of us who watch her in films
such as: Mean Girls playing the role of "Karen Smith", the amazing musical Mamma mia as "Sophie", Jennifer's Body as
"Neddy Lesnicky", one of my favorite movies of all time Chloe as Chloe, Dear John as "Savannah", Letters to Juliet as "Sophie" and one of her recent movies Red Riding Hood as "Valerie".

There is still more to come, we will see more of Amanda and we will be delighted about it.
I don't know what makes me crazy about her, I don't even want to find it out, all I know is when I see a photo of her
I feel ants walking on my skin, her voice is a soft and delicate melody; even when she plays the badass femme fatale I can perceive all her tenderness and her natural aura.

Amanda is not only an actress, she sings and she does it absolutely amazing. If you watched Dear John you could have the chance to listen to her, singing for "John" with only a guitar and all her skills to break through the screen and come to you and touch you.

Amanda Seyfried means it all with just her name. I don't even need to write a bible of details about her; her work and art precede her presence.
Amanda deserves an Oscar award but that's not the most important thing of all this. Amanda is doing what she loves to do and creates moments that will last forever. We will remember her smiling, running, loving, crying, stalking or singing.

Amanda Seyfried is the beauty of the day, not because she's obviously beautiful and has a gorgeous face; Amanda is the beauty of the day because she is an exemplary woman, a sensitive soul, a woman who has evolved and showed that it's not required to go bad to be good,  so that's why she lies inevitably in our hearts.
That's the beauty of the day, a simple woman who uses all of her power and then make the moon feel jealous.
Amanda Seyfried is a young Michelle Pfeiffer with the strength of Kim Basinger and the sex appeal of Sharon Stone, with that killer combination, this beauty will run the world (Sorry Beyoncé)...
Amanda is chameleon inside a woman's body, she's a gifted muse for all of us.

I wish I was her hair, I want to be a song that she sang; Amanda is like a doll of porcelain with hair of gold...
Fortunately I am only a spectator who sees her magic and her passion; she inspires me.
The American actress who born in Allentown, Pennsylvania on December 3 of 1985 has now her deserved place of Hollywood history; Vogue named her "A young Hollywood Promise" but now, after some time and much effort, Amanda is a promise already fulfilled.
Watch her shine; use sunglasses because Amanda could be the twin sister of the sun.

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