The beauty of the day...
Talented girl of infinite eyes...
Blue soul,
red lips,
blond hair... Sweet smile.
Yes... Blake Lively may fit in your idea about perfection...
Blake is probably perfect but she loves to live free, like the wind,
and her beauty is just like that.
Beauty shall be free in order to be eternal and genuine.
Beauty is not boring, beauty is changes every minute.

Blake Lively, actress who portraits roles of imperfect girls,
girls with ambitions and dreams and she doesn't play the silly blond rich girl.

You maybe remember her because of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" or her popular
character Serena in the TV show "Gossip Girl" but my favorite acting from her had a place
in the indie movie "Elvis & Anabelle"... She was a beautiful girl from Texas and was a contestant
of a beauty pageant, anorexic, lonely and sad...
Anabelle was pretty outside and devastated inside. Then she won the contest, and she fell to the floor,
she was having a heart attack due to her eating disorders, then she died...

The mother of Anabelle took her to the mortuary and the work of Elvis was to make her look
beautiful for the last time...
Then, when Anabelle was lying on the table ready to be embalmed but Elvis looked at her, and after a sigh, he kissed her.
Accidentally Elvis took a photo of him kissing Anabelle and then after a strong wind that opened the window,
Anabelle awoke... She was a life... She was a living miracle and she decided to recover her life, doing things she never
could do and being free, she fell in love with Elvis, she ran away with her own inner beauty left the world behind...

Oh my... I love so much that movie, you have to watch her... Blake Lively is indescribably wonderful
in a world where all that matters is lying and gossiping.

We are almost forgetting what beauty really is... Fortunately for us, the universe will be never tired of showing us
examples of goodness, beauty and simplicity...

It's not about fame, it's all about art, beauty and immortality.

The face of Chanel, the cover of Vogue... They think Blake is beautiful and unique... Hell yeah, Blake Lively is beautiful and full of soul...

Don't you love her...?, I know you do.

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