Penn Badgley the New Hawtness of the Day... One of the hottest Hollywood new young stars. You voted for him and so he's here to blow our mind away.
Perfection may feel jealous of Penn 'cause this man comes to put his style and his beauty on everything he touches.
Perfect bone structure, perfect lips, deep and beautiful eyes; Penn Badgley is probably the new IT boy but his honest and sexy smile is what can really move mountains or melt hearts of steel.

Total and massive orgasm of eye. I just can't help it. Thanks for voting. Ed Weswick lost the battle in front of Penn Badgley. 
Penn Badgley will play the character of the musician and genius Jeff Buckley, all I know is that Penn will be amazing.

Oh if you could only read my mind... Enjoy this Hawtness. To die for...
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